Friday, February 17, 2012

Sushi Fondant Cake

Sushi Fondant Cake!

This was fun to do, but made me hungry.

I had a friend call and ask me to make a Sushi fondant cake.
It sounded like a great challenge and I couldn't resist giving it a try.

I started by making the soy sauce dish, which is fondant with a bit of added gum paste to make it harden. I cut out a circle and laid it over an overturned dish. It was left to dry for 3 days.
Using twinkie style cakes, I cut them into pieces for the rolls. Then I frosted and rolled them in black fondant, adding frosting with coconut (rice) on top.  I added seaweed texture to the fondant by pressing it on a plate that had leaf veining on it, always search your kitchen for interesting textures. Gummies and fondant were used for the different bits of roe and veggies.  By breaking small pieces off of some gummy worms and jelly pumpkins I was able to reproduce everything I needed.

You can even eat the dishes..

The shrimp, wasabi and ginger are all fondant.

The board is covered in wood grain fondant..
I used real chopsticks so the recipient could use them to eat the sushi off his cake.
The soy sauce is chocolate syrup mixed with corn syrup.

Of course, after watching me work on it all morning, my husband insisted we go out for dinner and have what else?


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  1. omgosh!!! how cute! what a great idea! you are so creative! thanks again for "following" my blog! your is full of inspiration! ~HL


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