Thursday, February 24, 2011

Petal Envelope tutorial

I give my apologies in advance. I seriously need a new camera.
Mine has died a slow and pathetic death, tattered images marred with eerie bars of light where none exist in the real world.. I swear my last video had The Milky Way running through it, complete with stars.
I'm really not sure what, specifically, caused it to stop working but I'll assume it was "delicate". Yes, I've tossed it into bags while vacationing, dropped it and dragged it around the beach all summer.
Sand, humidity and falling over never hurt me. What a wimp.
Anyhooo.. I digress. I have made a short tutorial video on my iPhone to see if it could stand up to the test. Bah! Ever try to mount an iPhone to a tripod? Finally, settling on standing it up in my used coffee cup that was sitting on a portable set of plastic drawers I got down to business (I know, I know.. it's delicate (a few more dirty cups and I'll be saying goodbye to my little friend.) Sadly, because of the coffee cup camera holder, I could not shoot sideways which would make a bigger picture. When your done making fun of me, send duct tape.
Honestly, thanks for hanging in there while I sort through the camera issue.
I'd like to share my simple yet effective petal envelope with you. The SVG can be found in the downloads page on my website and you can cut it on your Cricut using Sure Cuts A Lot or Make The Cut. In my Baby Boy album this was one of my favorite pages. So easy to make and decorate to your liking. If you don't want the fold outs with 5 pictures, just make it and add one photo mat inside. Easy peasy. If you do that you won't even need a string closure and can just close it flap over flap (see image below.)
I also ended up adding a second large brad as I wanted to bring the string back up to the top and the little brad couldn't take the load.
And now, the iPhone video tutorial...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

This weeks Feature: Cupcake card

Gosh, you ever get so busy you leave things to the last minute? Well, I did that very thing and had to have a card for a party one evening. This seems to be my mantra.. wait, panic, do! So, I came up with this Birthday idea for someone who loves to play Scrabble.

This weeks feature is a double slider cupcake card that is a pretty simple design, but adorable. Another testament to the Less is More theory. I got the double slider idea from Dawn Griffith of ‘Dawn’s Stamping Thoughts’, she has awesome ideas! Love her stuff.

The cupcake was cut using Cricut cartridge “From My Kitchen.” Of course I inked the edges to make it a little more retro. When you pull the bottom tab the card slides out top and bottom! I always say, the more interactive the better! Must have had something to do with the pop up books I loved as a child.

Hmm.. I wonder if I could make a pop up book?

Vintage Recipe Book

This is that surprise book I mentioned last time.
I have a friend, who like myself has trouble in the kitchen when it comes to cooking. Oh, I can bake, but don’t ask me for dinner.
In order to help her out, I asked good ‘ol Gordo (he’s my lovely, Italian, other half who actually can and does cook) to write up some of his recipes for her as he can throw anything together and it’s fabulous!
I.. on the other hand, can throw paper together. So, I made her this book to keep the recipes in. I left some blank cards so she can add more and I will try to get some more for her over time, even if I have to chase Gord around the kitchen with my laptop taking notes.

Sadly, the video I created is of very poor quality as my camera is dying.. I posted it at the bottom but there is a terrible faded bar of light across the top and it kept shutting off. Sigh, I guess I need a new camera. I’ll add some extra still pics below and more on the photo page of my site