Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dirt Bike Cake!

So I had to make a cake..
Not just any cake, but a dirt bike cake.
I have only been making fondant cakes for about 4 months now and learned all I know through trial, error and the Internet. So, being a bit nervous about creating the actual bike (I was certain it would break apart), I bought a toy model and made the guy riding him out of fondant. Everything except that bike is edible. This cake was so much fun to make I'd do it again in a minute. I used marshmallow fondant for this one, as it didn't need to be perfect. I did use Duff's fondant in Black and brown as I had them on hand and black is almost impossible to get the black dark enough. The client wanted certain things such as "Over the Hill", "40" and "BRP" (Big Red Pig) what he calls his bike. I accidentally added an apostrophe, but didn't have another sign made up and dried to correct it. Oh well... they were very happy and "Paul" loved it so much he didn't cut the cake at the party. He saved it till the next day.