Thursday, February 23, 2012

Disney Autograph - Smash book

This is the second of our kids smash books, you can see the first one here.

This young girl is almost 7 and loves Tinker Bell. She decided to go with an upcycled cover using an old Peter pan book I had.. the book was very big, so we cut this scene out of it.

She also loves the Princesses and we printed cardstock with the images of her favorites. I've only shown a few here.
We left a space for the Princess to sign the book by their picture on the right.. and on the left there is a photo mat for a photo with the Princess.

Here and there we added a pocket (made with hot pink lunch bags, available at Michaels) with tags made from paper and Princess playing cards. 
We also added some quote pages cut from a Princess book.

We used plain pastel card stock to make up the extra pages for smashing everything else and getting autographs from Characters that are not in the Princess category, but important non the less.

Add some clips, a Hidden Mickey key chain and some gems and you have a cute little book.. bound together with my handy Bind It All.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Simply Smashing!

I have a couple of young girls in my life and after seeing this sMashing Mickey, they want to Smash! So, we decided to get busy. I have a couple of books finished, each for different uses, to share with you. I'm making one for myself now. <grin>

Let's start with this one:

The older girl requested a black and pink theme. She wanted to make her own cover... so, I used raw cardboard for the front and back and left it for her to do as she pleased. I gathered double sided cardstock from my own collection as well as added a few more I picked up so I could stick mainly to the pinks and blacks.

Here is her
book with some papers and embellishments she can add along the way
Coin envelopes are great for keeping things in that you don't want to tape.
I made tabs out of 2 - 1"circles glued together with the page between them.

Paper bag pocket! I left the top opened (bag was cut down to fit) and the bottom flap is only closed on the edges leaving a second small pocket.

Lots of embellishments for her to add as she fills it up. 
With all the pages added, I bound it with the Bind it All and she is ready to go!

I'll be posting another smash book for a younger girl in a couple of days.. she plans to use hers for a trip to Disneyland and has made room for autographs and pictures of herself with the Princesses. She also went with an upcycled cover using an old Disney book.

Get Smashing!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Enlarge Pinterest Pins by hovering over them

So, we all love Pinterest but it only recently occured to me that most people (friends of mine) are viewing the small images and having to click on every one to expand the viewing size.. if they can't quite see it.

I'm here to tell you that is not necessary. If you are not already using Google Chrome as your browser, you should be. It does all the work for you allowing you to do your surfing without any hassle. Not to mention all the wonderful extensions and apps you can add to it. If you are using Chrome, but not using the extensions, it's time to fix that.

Extensions like... Pinzy Enlarge Pinterest Pins simply by hovering over them. Pure genius.

So, what are you waiting for? Search for and load up Google Chrome (easy to do), put the icon where you can get to it and open it up. 

Now.. up on the top right, click on Chrome for the drop down menu. 
Go to preferences
Click on extensions
.. you won't have any but it will ask if you want some or something like that.
Now, off to the Chrome Web Store with you.
When you get there.. search (top left) for Pinzy and when it comes up - click on add to Chrome.

That's it! Easy. Every time you go to Pinterest now you will only have to hover to get a better view. 

Now look around and see what else you want, so many choices.
I also have the FB Photo Zoom for viewing photos on Facebook the same way. 

Need more reasons to switch? - 2 of my favorites: When you open up Chrome, you will see 8 of your most visited pages displayed, saving you time. Did you close a window accidently? Whenever you open up Chrome you will see "recently closed" on the bottom right... click on it. Voila! 

I could go on, but then I'd be off topic completely. Check Chrome out, explore and I think you'll love it.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Sushi Fondant Cake

Sushi Fondant Cake!

This was fun to do, but made me hungry.

I had a friend call and ask me to make a Sushi fondant cake.
It sounded like a great challenge and I couldn't resist giving it a try.

I started by making the soy sauce dish, which is fondant with a bit of added gum paste to make it harden. I cut out a circle and laid it over an overturned dish. It was left to dry for 3 days.
Using twinkie style cakes, I cut them into pieces for the rolls. Then I frosted and rolled them in black fondant, adding frosting with coconut (rice) on top.  I added seaweed texture to the fondant by pressing it on a plate that had leaf veining on it, always search your kitchen for interesting textures. Gummies and fondant were used for the different bits of roe and veggies.  By breaking small pieces off of some gummy worms and jelly pumpkins I was able to reproduce everything I needed.

You can even eat the dishes..

The shrimp, wasabi and ginger are all fondant.

The board is covered in wood grain fondant..
I used real chopsticks so the recipient could use them to eat the sushi off his cake.
The soy sauce is chocolate syrup mixed with corn syrup.

Of course, after watching me work on it all morning, my husband insisted we go out for dinner and have what else?