Thursday, February 23, 2012

Disney Autograph - Smash book

This is the second of our kids smash books, you can see the first one here.

This young girl is almost 7 and loves Tinker Bell. She decided to go with an upcycled cover using an old Peter pan book I had.. the book was very big, so we cut this scene out of it.

She also loves the Princesses and we printed cardstock with the images of her favorites. I've only shown a few here.
We left a space for the Princess to sign the book by their picture on the right.. and on the left there is a photo mat for a photo with the Princess.

Here and there we added a pocket (made with hot pink lunch bags, available at Michaels) with tags made from paper and Princess playing cards. 
We also added some quote pages cut from a Princess book.

We used plain pastel card stock to make up the extra pages for smashing everything else and getting autographs from Characters that are not in the Princess category, but important non the less.

Add some clips, a Hidden Mickey key chain and some gems and you have a cute little book.. bound together with my handy Bind It All.


  1. Your Disney Smash book is wonderful. Love all the princesses and Tink. Way to cute.
    Cindy Lou

  2. omg, i sooo love this! my daughter would go crazy for one of these! you are so very creative! thanks for sharing!~hl

  3. What a great idea!! I wish I would have done something like this when we went!! Its fantastic!!


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