Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Vintage Sign Tutorial using Cricut

Well, that was quite the month! 
Lot's of changes with my jobs. I still do after school daycare, but have gone from working nights in a job I wasn't happy in, to a job that will allow me to work during the day till school is out.
There was also a considered move and well... Christmas season all rolled into the last 30 days!
Whew, I didn't sleep much but I've made it to the other side and am back to blogland to show you
what I've been up to in the art room.

Rather than post all in one, I'll spread them out over a few days.

Quick Cricut sign making 101

We  finally decided to put some shelves up, under and over our TV, as it was hanging on a big wall looking lonely and there were horrible wires hanging around.

I dislike wires.

So, after my Honey got the shelves up, he decided to nap. I on the other hand needed to add something to the shelf and with Christmas around the corner I thought I could use a sign.

There are so many ways you can make an old sign.

I decided to use My Cricut for this one.. because it's sitting there.

I started out by painting a board black.

I then cut some vinyl letters and snowflakes.. I made extra letters to use for a "Joy" sign later.

Next, stick the vinyl letters and snowflakes onto the board and paint a cream color over everything.

After it is good and dry you can peel away the vinyl revealing crisp black lines..

I sanded down the whole board, aging it as I went along.

Here it is on it's new shelf.

Since doing this I managed to make a couple more different styles for gifts.
Of course I forgot to take pics.. I'll try to get them.
(I also replaced that wimpy wreath with a spectacular one.)

Monday, November 21, 2011

sMashing Mickey!

This was intended for a child but it would make any Disney fan a fun journal. I started this last spring for a friend's child, but their trip was postponed and I stopped working on it. With all the rage being journal type smash (I like to call it Mash!) books, I thought it would be fun to complete this autograph, activity, scrap, up-cycled trip journal.

plain papers for autographs and a photo mat

Recycled book

Top Secret Envelope
Mickey pocket for tags and stuff.
Looks like I missed the buttons, will fix!

I always come back from a Disney trip with papers, maps, fast passes, coasters, cute packaging and anything else I think will bring back the magic... in my pockets, in my bags, in the kids ears, wherever I can stuff it.. to get it all home.

Then, I stick it in a drawer. Forever.

I'm the perfect candidate for this type of thing.

Magic Kingdom Bingo
Make Character Paper Airplanes

Mash it up!

Although, I started this "Mashing Mickey" journal to house everything a kid would collect along with Character autographs... there are some trivia and facts pages, (to keep the kids amused while waiting in line) photo mats and more plain pages that I didn't photograph. It also has 4 divider pages with tabs you can write on or add a label. As a big Mickey fan, I'd use this journal myself. A pen and a glue stick (and now they have the cute smash tape) and I'd be good to go...

..right back to Walt Disney World. 

Make it Sweet, Patricia

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mickey Cookie Lollipop and a Birthday Cake!

I had a very productive week!

It seems that sweets were in demand.

I'll start with the Mickey Mouse Cookie Lollipop. The kids and I decided that we had to make these once we spotted them at Cake Central some time ago. Since then, I have seen them around on other sites.. none of which I can remember. So, I remembered to buy Oreos and we finally got to it.

Here is what we started with.
Double Stuff Oreos
Red and Dark chocolate Melts
Lollipop sticks (I had hollow ones, like straws, that worked best)
A Red Starburst fruit chew or fruit leather would work too (optional)
Microwave safe container for melting the candy melts

We melted our red and dipped half the cookie, leaving it on waxed paper to dry.
I found that once the candy coating hardened you can't get the stick in without it cracking. 
Adding the stick while the candy coating was soft worked much better. Also, putting the Oreos in the microwave for a few minutes (before you even get started) will soften the creamy inside of your Oreos to make the stick slide in better as well. 

Next we heated a small pot of water on the stove and used the side of it to slightly melt the edge of a dark chocolate melt and stuck two of them into the creamy centers for ears.
Another option would be to use Mini Oreos and use melted dark chocolate to glue them on as ears.

We wanted Minnie pops too.. so I broke out the Starburst candies from halloween. I microwaved a red one for a few seconds to soften it and flattened it to cut little triangles to make Minnie bows.

Add some white icing buttons or polka dots and Voila!

How Cute is Minnie?

 And the two together....

One little tip on the dark chocolate, if you find it's really scratched up you can rub it with a clean finger and it will be smooth again. In the above pic, Minnie has smooth ears while Mickey's are a little scratchy.

They were not long for this world....


Aside from that, I also whipped up another fondant Birthday cake..

Crooked little cake

Plus this...
I created some extra large fondant sprinkles.. and a cherry complete with stem.



A cute cartoony cake

Watch for my Disney autograph/journal/smash style book! It's almost completed..

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Friday, October 28, 2011

"Dream" Girls Room Art and a Knock off painting!

So today we have a WINNER!

Mercedes wins the My Memories Suite software! Congrats Mercedes, watch for an email with your software information.

Now, on to what I've been up to in the art room this past week.

So, I had so much fun with my last mixed media name art (DIY Tips Here) I decided to do a girly version. I used the word Dream this time because I wanted a theme that could be used while wide awake or while drifting off to dreamland..

Pin It Below is the early stages.. at this point you can see I've added the main paint colors and added any scrap paper additions. This time I used patterned paper for 3 of my larger clouds, the rest is acrylic paint and all elements wrap around the edge.

Here is a closer look..

I added little pink gems on the crown

I tie all the buttons right onto the canvas so there is no worry of them falling off.

While I was doing this painting I was simultaneously working on a Knock Off Painting as well.. This was inspired by a painting from this Ballard Designs.

My Knock Off
The Ballard Design painting

Pin It Another cake coming next week and a Scrap work (I have no idea what it will be.)

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Enter tonight to win!

Only 4.5 hours left! Enter to win My Memories Software by 11:59 Pacific Time.

Click here to enter your name! Winner announced tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Memories Digital Scrapbook Software Giveaway!!

Hey crafty people!

Good News! I have a giveaway from My Memories Digital Software.


I have been playing with my new scrapbook software today. Wow, this software sure takes all the trouble out of it. I'm loving it. I had no idea how fun this could be.. usually I end up frustrated with digital scrapping. Not this time! I was able to quickly create an album page using a template (took me all of a few minutes) but I found making my own design to be even more fun. They have so many papers to choose from, embellishments, album templates, text options, word art, etc. If you need more choices you can access their site from within the program and purchase new items and cool kits at very reasonable prices. Guess what else? There are FREE kits on the site, saving you from spending any extra while your getting started AND you can even use your own digital content (there are several video tutorials to help you along the way.) Not to mention.. I could add effects, shadows, flip, mats, etc and correct red eye on my photos right in the program.

Photo Effects window showing Sepia
This software is not only great for the experienced digital scrapper, but it's perfect for a new digital scrapper as it's so easy to use. I'm already thinking Christmas and Birthday gifts for my friends who claim they can't scrap.. because anyone can do it with this software.

As a special for all of my readers that would like to purchase this software, My Memories will provide a $10 discount off the purchase of the My Memories Suite Scrapbook software (regularly 39.97) and a $10 coupon for the store - a $20 value!
Just copy and paste the Promotional Code below when checking out.

Look at the cool things I did today with this fun software. BUT don't Stop there, the giveaway is at the end of this post.

Check out this Christmas Album template... just add your own photos (which is as easy as dragging them into the frame) and Voila! This is only one page example, there were several in this album all ready to have your photos added.

Cute huh? 
I only added my picture and moved a few snowflakes around. 
Super easy.

Next up... My own design. I titled this album "Fun In The Sun". So far 
I only have two pages completed with my design but 
I will probably make 6 - 8 more later on.

 So, what do you think?

Now, on to the best part...
How to WIN!

If you want to enter to win the My Memories Suite software, all you have to do is go look around at their site then come back here and leave me a comment letting me know what your favorite Digital Scrapbook Kit is.

There are 5 more ways to enter the giveaway, make sure you do a separate comment for each entry so they all count:

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IMPORTANT:  Be sure to add an email address to your entries so I can contact you if your the WINNER. The contest will remain open until Thursday Oct 27 at 11:59 p.m. and I'll announce the winner on Friday the Oct. 28!

Hugs and Good luck to all of you!

If you'd like to see more of this software and how it works, you can check out My Memories Youtube Channel.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

DIY Simple Halloween Typography

I needed a little Halloween somethin', somethin' to add to the table in my foyer.

During the summer my girlfriend happened to be cleaning her garage as I was walking by and handed me a box, while stating "You can probably find something to do with these." In the box were picture frames.. lots of them but all were only up to 5x7 in size. Some are pretty ugly. She had bought the whole box for 1.00 at a garage sale. What a deal, I had to take them.

So, I stuck them (hid them from my husband) -grin-  in storage and forgot about them till last night. I dug out my shiny black spray paint and painted up a 5x7 wooden frame.. the other was a suitable colour in a 4x6 size.

I cut a couple of black and white patterned scrap papers to fit in the frames and pulled up SCAL on my Macbook. I used the font Rudelsberg (think Disney Haunted Mansion font) to lay out the words Boo and eek! If you don't have SCAL, use your favorite cart font making sure to keep the letters sized to fit your frame. I cut the letters with my Cricut using black cardstock.


Next I simply glued the letters to the paper and popped them into the frames. I'm not sure if I'll put the glass back in, but right now I'm liking it without.

Cricut Halloween Typography

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Versatile Blogger..

Wow, I've been chosen to receive the Versatile Blogger Award.

Bonnie, from a wee meenit, awarded me a Versatile Blogger award!
If you haven't been to Bonnie's site you should scoot over there and check it out. She has furniture redos, beautiful pumpkins and everything in between. A girl of all trades, with a pail of chalk paint.. who knows how to use it. Check out this desk she just painted! Beautiful.

As a recipient of The Versatile Blogger Award, there are 3 rules to follow…
1.  Thank the person who awarded you.
2.  Tell 7 things about yourself that your readers may not know.
3.  Award 7 other bloggers with this award.

So, without further ado, thanks Bonnie for thinking of me! Sweet of you to notice me out here in bloggerland where the talent is huge.

7 things you probably don't know about me..

1) I have 3 sons, a stepson and one adorable Grandson.
2) I'm not afraid to try anything new when it comes to creating and even started making fondant cakes on a dare.
3) I'm an American, living in Canada, married to a Canadian, raising my Canadian children. One left to go!
4) I used build and paint theatre sets, occasionally I still make props for the stage.
5) I love coffee. Any kind of coffee. Iced coffee, hot coffee, even "cold because I left in the closet for a couple of hours" coffee.
6) For 14 years, I've helped on a Disney World panning website,, we help people plan their WDW vacations and answer questions pertaining to anything Disney. 
7) I'm always doing more than one thing at a time, which means some things take awhile to complete. As will this post...

So, in keeping with Bonnie's idea of choosing award recipients that are new to her.
I've done the same while choosing 7 new winners.

In no particular order help me congratulate..

1. Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers

2. Christine @ Projects Around The House

3. Chriss @ Chriss and Lou

4. Angela @ OK Cricuteer

5.  Ashley @ The Glamorous Side of Scrapping

6. Eva @ Eva's Scraps N' Cards

7. Erin @ Salvaged Whimsy

Congrats to all the new recipients!! 
Please visit their blogs and tell them I sent you.

Hugs, Patricia

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Child's name art with some DIY tips.. too cute!

I've been going crazy with work.. I took a second job working part time evenings and it made me tired, but I'll get used to it and have the energy to post a new blog entry instead of just reading.. although I love reading all your great blogs!

So today I finished off a little project for my Grandson, Kayden, using a 12x12 canvas with acrylic paint, scrap paper, star brads and cute little buttons sewn on with some metallic thread.

I was inspired over at Lilblueboo (told you I was reading the blogs) and all the great nursery art. Years ago I used to paint for eachanoriginal and I often wished I could find a way to use the bright colors and designs I loved playing with there. So here is my take on it.. I wanted a night time theme.

I added some more DIY tips on the photos. Don't panic if you can't draw. You can trace and use carbon paper to transfer the image after you've got your background painted. I used a Cricut to cut the scallop circles and traced around them for the painted clouds, moon and stars..  the actual paper clouds are on there using gel medium matte (only on the back), but you can use matte Mod Podge as well being very neat. I printed out the letters, cut around them and taped them in place at the tops. I then slid a piece of carbon paper under them to copy onto the canvas. before I embellished with all the brads and buttons, I sprayed the whole painting with a light coat of spray matte varnish, go easy if you have paper items.

For the tiny white flower I used the back of a paintbrush to make 5 little white dots.
I didn't think it needed a center.. I also used the back of a brush for the tiny flowers on the green cloud.

Little sheep button, I love it!
(It had a plastic sewing loop on the back that stuck out, I cut it off and glued this guy on.)
The large green dots were accomplished with a Q-tip.
If you use pop dots adhesive (circles) you can use the backing leftovers as a small circle stencil too.

Use a paint pen with a thin nib to outline if your not steady with a brush.
I like using both for different reasons.
Around the paper there is a slight edge that won't cover well with a pen, a brush was needed..

To paint perfect dots (like the yellow ones here),
 make sure the paint is wet (it has to have some flow, too thick and it globs on)
and use the back of a wooden skewer to dab a dot.
I stitched on a couple of metallic thread stars.. as well as star brads, which poke right through the canvas.
Easy peasy!

Buttons are stitched right onto the canvas..
I used white and black paint pens for all the stitch lines.
This blue cloud is patterned paper, the green one underneath is
plain paper and I painted on the cirlces and stitching.
Just keep adding stuff till your happy, you can't do it wrong!!

How sweet.. I think he's Mom will love it.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Mixed Media on Canvas

So, After finding out my friend died in a horrible hicking accident, I was going through his Facbook page and realized he had so many things posted that we could remember him by.. photos, videos, clips of his singing, short films, etc. He was only 20 and seemed to have lived every day to the fullest.

Anyhoo.. I looked at mine and decided I need to do more of what I like. I'll take that lesson from him, we can always plan for tomorrow but it may never come.

So, I'm not putting it off any longer, the laundry can wait.. I've been wanting to paint a mixed media canvas and found some antique prints I wanted to incorporate into the picture. I'm not sure they are done yet, but here is where I'm at so far..

 I plan to spend much more time in the art room... I hope you can too!

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Hugs, Patricia

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vacation ended Aug 14, but we arrived home to very sad news.

We had a wonderful vacation and I will post some pics very soon.

As some of you may know, I work for a local Theatre Company doing some backstage work as well as set painting and props. When you work in Theatre everyone around you becomes your theatre family, we spend so much time together laughing, working, socializing and hugging... sadly I arrived home to the news that one of our theatre family members, an exceptionally bright, talented and witty 20 year old man who grew up on the stage before us, was missing and believed to have drowned after falling during a hiking trip. He was quickly swept away by the river below. As devastating as this was it only got worse.. Now after 10 days of tireless searching by amazing volunteer Search and Rescue teams, they found his body in a log jam. While trying to dislodge some of the logs to reach him, the powerful water pushed the logs away, causing his body to fall into a deep hole.. followed by some very large boulders. They have not decided if they will continue the recovery.. it's a very deep ravine and getting equipment in is nearly impossible.

As soon as this madness ends I'll be back to share my vacation pics and some mixed media art work I have been working on to distract myself from this nightmare.

Thanks and hugs to all my followers.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vacation Time!

Yay.. We are on vacation!

Be back soon.

Happy Scrapbooking!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birthday card

It's my friend's Birthday so I made her this little card..
 simple enough for a beginner to tackle. 

This 2 sided paper is from Gartner Studios, Bon Voyage - World Map

This paper flower is made with stacked scallop circles all 1.5 inches, sprayed wet and scrunched, un-scrunched and then attached together by a center brad. Once you have the brad in, you can fluff it up as you like and let it dry completely before adding to your layout or card.


Fondant fishing cake..

Another cake is out of the oven!

These cakes are taking on a life of their own.. I find myself getting more cake request than I expected.
I have a full time job as a parental assistant to three lovely families. This keeps me hopping in the summer for a good ten to twelve hours a day.. So, I told everyone I wouldn't be able to make any cakes till September because each cake is made from scratch, including the frosting, fillings and fondant, then I stack and decorate (this cake came in at 11 hours). Yet, I keep getting cake request (they are all such good friends). After 3 cakes in two weeks it's time to take a break and am hoping to not be persuaded during the month of August as I have other art awaiting my attention.

Anyhoo.. here it is, "It's The BIG One!" For a friend's Father's 80th Birthday.

everything is edible except for a few toothpicks in the cattails and the string

Lamb's navy rum was required, a tiny bottle on dock

Around the side and back

Here fishy, fishy..