Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vacation ended Aug 14, but we arrived home to very sad news.

We had a wonderful vacation and I will post some pics very soon.

As some of you may know, I work for a local Theatre Company doing some backstage work as well as set painting and props. When you work in Theatre everyone around you becomes your theatre family, we spend so much time together laughing, working, socializing and hugging... sadly I arrived home to the news that one of our theatre family members, an exceptionally bright, talented and witty 20 year old man who grew up on the stage before us, was missing and believed to have drowned after falling during a hiking trip. He was quickly swept away by the river below. As devastating as this was it only got worse.. Now after 10 days of tireless searching by amazing volunteer Search and Rescue teams, they found his body in a log jam. While trying to dislodge some of the logs to reach him, the powerful water pushed the logs away, causing his body to fall into a deep hole.. followed by some very large boulders. They have not decided if they will continue the recovery.. it's a very deep ravine and getting equipment in is nearly impossible.

As soon as this madness ends I'll be back to share my vacation pics and some mixed media art work I have been working on to distract myself from this nightmare.

Thanks and hugs to all my followers.


  1. That is so sad to hear...........HUGS goinging out to his family and friends.

  2. I wonder if his family is saying something like, "if he had to go, this was the way he would've wanted to go." Not meaning it sacreligiously, just thinking what a epic way to leave this planet. I'm sad for those left behind.

  3. I agree Georgia, he left the world doing what he enjoyed with his close friends. He was very happy. The recovery will be delayed as they wait for the water level to drop off.. I do feel awful for his Family as this is dragging on.

  4. Oh wow, how horrible :( I'm so sorry to hear about this terrible news


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