Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Vintage Sign Tutorial using Cricut

Well, that was quite the month! 
Lot's of changes with my jobs. I still do after school daycare, but have gone from working nights in a job I wasn't happy in, to a job that will allow me to work during the day till school is out.
There was also a considered move and well... Christmas season all rolled into the last 30 days!
Whew, I didn't sleep much but I've made it to the other side and am back to blogland to show you
what I've been up to in the art room.

Rather than post all in one, I'll spread them out over a few days.

Quick Cricut sign making 101

We  finally decided to put some shelves up, under and over our TV, as it was hanging on a big wall looking lonely and there were horrible wires hanging around.

I dislike wires.

So, after my Honey got the shelves up, he decided to nap. I on the other hand needed to add something to the shelf and with Christmas around the corner I thought I could use a sign.

There are so many ways you can make an old sign.

I decided to use My Cricut for this one.. because it's sitting there.

I started out by painting a board black.

I then cut some vinyl letters and snowflakes.. I made extra letters to use for a "Joy" sign later.

Next, stick the vinyl letters and snowflakes onto the board and paint a cream color over everything.

After it is good and dry you can peel away the vinyl revealing crisp black lines..

I sanded down the whole board, aging it as I went along.

Here it is on it's new shelf.

Since doing this I managed to make a couple more different styles for gifts.
Of course I forgot to take pics.. I'll try to get them.
(I also replaced that wimpy wreath with a spectacular one.)

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