Thursday, September 29, 2011

Child's name art with some DIY tips.. too cute!

I've been going crazy with work.. I took a second job working part time evenings and it made me tired, but I'll get used to it and have the energy to post a new blog entry instead of just reading.. although I love reading all your great blogs!

So today I finished off a little project for my Grandson, Kayden, using a 12x12 canvas with acrylic paint, scrap paper, star brads and cute little buttons sewn on with some metallic thread.

I was inspired over at Lilblueboo (told you I was reading the blogs) and all the great nursery art. Years ago I used to paint for eachanoriginal and I often wished I could find a way to use the bright colors and designs I loved playing with there. So here is my take on it.. I wanted a night time theme.

I added some more DIY tips on the photos. Don't panic if you can't draw. You can trace and use carbon paper to transfer the image after you've got your background painted. I used a Cricut to cut the scallop circles and traced around them for the painted clouds, moon and stars..  the actual paper clouds are on there using gel medium matte (only on the back), but you can use matte Mod Podge as well being very neat. I printed out the letters, cut around them and taped them in place at the tops. I then slid a piece of carbon paper under them to copy onto the canvas. before I embellished with all the brads and buttons, I sprayed the whole painting with a light coat of spray matte varnish, go easy if you have paper items.

For the tiny white flower I used the back of a paintbrush to make 5 little white dots.
I didn't think it needed a center.. I also used the back of a brush for the tiny flowers on the green cloud.

Little sheep button, I love it!
(It had a plastic sewing loop on the back that stuck out, I cut it off and glued this guy on.)
The large green dots were accomplished with a Q-tip.
If you use pop dots adhesive (circles) you can use the backing leftovers as a small circle stencil too.

Use a paint pen with a thin nib to outline if your not steady with a brush.
I like using both for different reasons.
Around the paper there is a slight edge that won't cover well with a pen, a brush was needed..

To paint perfect dots (like the yellow ones here),
 make sure the paint is wet (it has to have some flow, too thick and it globs on)
and use the back of a wooden skewer to dab a dot.
I stitched on a couple of metallic thread stars.. as well as star brads, which poke right through the canvas.
Easy peasy!

Buttons are stitched right onto the canvas..
I used white and black paint pens for all the stitch lines.
This blue cloud is patterned paper, the green one underneath is
plain paper and I painted on the cirlces and stitching.
Just keep adding stuff till your happy, you can't do it wrong!!

How sweet.. I think he's Mom will love it.


  1. Oh my gosh. You are amazing - all these fondant cakes with super cute characters and all these professional looking cards! I'm following you back.

  2. Kayden is lucky to have such a talented grandmom! I love this, especially all the little details you have added. I am a new follower from Too Cute Tuesday. Vicky from

  3. Adorable Patricia, love it!!!
    Eva :0)

  4. SOO cute and owls are my favorite things!! How did Kayden and mom like it?

  5. HeatherLynn, they loved it! Kayden always wants to touch it.. it hangs over his bed.

    1. that is so sweet! i saw your girly version, too! LOVE!!


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