Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fondant fishing cake..

Another cake is out of the oven!

These cakes are taking on a life of their own.. I find myself getting more cake request than I expected.
I have a full time job as a parental assistant to three lovely families. This keeps me hopping in the summer for a good ten to twelve hours a day.. So, I told everyone I wouldn't be able to make any cakes till September because each cake is made from scratch, including the frosting, fillings and fondant, then I stack and decorate (this cake came in at 11 hours). Yet, I keep getting cake request (they are all such good friends). After 3 cakes in two weeks it's time to take a break and am hoping to not be persuaded during the month of August as I have other art awaiting my attention.

Anyhoo.. here it is, "It's The BIG One!" For a friend's Father's 80th Birthday.

everything is edible except for a few toothpicks in the cattails and the string

Lamb's navy rum was required, a tiny bottle on dock

Around the side and back

Here fishy, fishy..


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  1. This cake is Fantastic!! All the details are perfect!


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