Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jungle Fondant Cake..

So.. I did make a couple of mini albums, but as always... cake interrupts my life.

Cakes make people happy, so I keep making them. This is a hershey's Perfectly Chocolate Cake, such a great tasting chocolate cake, so moist. Easy to stack. I filled and crumb coated with Buttercream Dream a version of buttercream that uses Dream Whip powder to cut the sweetness.. I used marshmallow fondant for a better taste, but have to say I prefer using my other fondant recipe for better handling, but taste won out this time.

This cake was ordered by my hairdresser for her little guy's 1st Birthday.  We bartered hair for cake! Woot!

She asked for monkeys and..well.. it evolved into the jungle. We couldn't stick with one idea so we used 'em all. We took things she liked from a few cakes we saw online and added some of mine and voila!



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  1. OH MY WORD! you made this beauty?!!!!!!!1 i am stunned! seriously, you are one talented lady!


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