Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vintage Recipe Book

This is that surprise book I mentioned last time.
I have a friend, who like myself has trouble in the kitchen when it comes to cooking. Oh, I can bake, but don’t ask me for dinner.
In order to help her out, I asked good ‘ol Gordo (he’s my lovely, Italian, other half who actually can and does cook) to write up some of his recipes for her as he can throw anything together and it’s fabulous!
I.. on the other hand, can throw paper together. So, I made her this book to keep the recipes in. I left some blank cards so she can add more and I will try to get some more for her over time, even if I have to chase Gord around the kitchen with my laptop taking notes.

Sadly, the video I created is of very poor quality as my camera is dying.. I posted it at the bottom but there is a terrible faded bar of light across the top and it kept shutting off. Sigh, I guess I need a new camera. I’ll add some extra still pics below and more on the photo page of my site 

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