Thursday, February 10, 2011

This weeks Feature: Cupcake card

Gosh, you ever get so busy you leave things to the last minute? Well, I did that very thing and had to have a card for a party one evening. This seems to be my mantra.. wait, panic, do! So, I came up with this Birthday idea for someone who loves to play Scrabble.

This weeks feature is a double slider cupcake card that is a pretty simple design, but adorable. Another testament to the Less is More theory. I got the double slider idea from Dawn Griffith of ‘Dawn’s Stamping Thoughts’, she has awesome ideas! Love her stuff.

The cupcake was cut using Cricut cartridge “From My Kitchen.” Of course I inked the edges to make it a little more retro. When you pull the bottom tab the card slides out top and bottom! I always say, the more interactive the better! Must have had something to do with the pop up books I loved as a child.

Hmm.. I wonder if I could make a pop up book?

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