Monday, May 16, 2011

I can make that!

Warning.. long post about cakes.

So, this past week I've been busy creating theatre props and my art table is covered in paper mache leaving me no space to scrap (as if I'd have time for that anyway). Once those items start to complete, which will all happen by this weekend,  I'll post some pics and details. In the meantime I have my "How I came to decorating cakes" story to share while I have my morning coffee. I started making cakes after watching an episode of Cake Boss and my sweet husband, Gord (he never knows what he is going to start) said "That's a cool cake!" Of course I come back with "I can make that!" The reply that slipped between his lips and consequently set everything into motion "Yeah, righhhhhtttt."

And so it begins..

Never having worked with fondant I scoured the internet and found this  Fondant Recipe and made this cake to try a few different things.. I even cut the flower layers on my Cricut. We didn't eat the flower so no worries about germs. Gord was amused.
Practice cake using stripes, harlequin, dots, bead trim and a Cricut flower.

My husband retired a few years ago, but found himself bored silly. He had tried some new careers but missed his very long career as a TV news anchor. Keeping the news idea in the forefront, but claiming to no longer have a face for TV,  he jumped into news / talk radio. One of the young news anchor / reporters in his station was moving on to Vancouver and we decided to have a send off party for her.. So, I made a cake with her on it, sitting by a little pink retro radio, holding her mic. Gord was impressed.

This time I tried making molding chocolate and used it for the girl and her radio

That very same week, a friend asked for a Pokemon cake... uh oh, two cakes!

Poliwhirl cut on Cricut Expression

 Working on the two cakes together...

Two weeks later it was my friends Birthday and she jokingly begged for a cake, but I was busy fretting about making a huge cake for another friend that required the Birthday girls golden retriever dog and a cat!! Yikes!

Anyhooo.. once the mess is out why not make more cake? 
I made my begging friend a small, personal cake and delivered it to her office, she loves Disneyland so I added a Hidden Mickey for her (can you see it?) Gord wanted to eat it up!
Not being able to make fondant black enough,  I gave in on this challenge and use Duff's black.
Now the biggest challenge and first cake someone is paying for. So, I can't screw up but I want to try so many things. I scoured the net and combined a couple of ideas from some different cakes to add with my own ideas and tried them all out on this baby to see what I was capable of. (I would credit the designers of the tree and snail but I can no longer find their cakes.) The tree is built using rice treat, the bark on it was a happy accident. This cake was definitely a challenge and took me 14 hours to complete. I may be able to do that in less  time now, but I'm not sure, it is very detailed. There is no Cricut used here, so they could eat everything. Gord was amazed! 

Without further ado... Cake #5 

Fondant Kitty! Idea from "Icing on the cake"

Fondant Retriever! I had to make this guy up on my own.

Fondant Snail, complete with slime trail..

This cake pictured on facebook has garnered me a lot of request, most of which I have to turn down as I'm not in the cake business. In the nine months since that first practice cake I have made a few more, but this is the cake that really pushed it over the edge and now the bar has been set. I can no longer make a simple cake. That my dear blogger friends is how I got my start using the artist medium know as fondant. 

Hugs and sweet sugar kisses,  Patricia 


  1. oh my gosh......for a 'beginner' your cakes are fabulous....absolutely wonderful. I'm your newest follow... you see: I love cake decorating... just don't do it anymore. I used to have my own 'in home' business doing it and was way too busy...quit after 7 years as the family life was being neglected (kids were young then)... how fun for you to now be in the business. Have fun and good luck.

  2. Your cakes are fantastic!! I have never tried working with fondant- it's a little intimidating to me! :) Absolutely beautiful! Going to check out your FB page too!

  3. Those cakes are fabulous! You do amazing work! I never tried cake decorating but was always intriqued! Thank you for following my blog! Have a great day! Mandy

  4. Thanks for coming over and leaving a comment and following me. I am now a follower of yours too. Love the cakes.....they all look so yummy!

  5. I think I gain five pounds every time I come and visit your website,... Just kidding beautiful cakes Thanks for sharing your talent.

  6. Your cakes are gorgeous!! Gotta go see your SB pages now!!

  7. Complimenti per tutto,ho visitato il tuo blog,mi piace molto,ti porto da me! Realizzi delle cose magnifiche!


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