Friday, July 22, 2011

Wine bottle Fondant cake!

I told you there was more cake coming!

It was my father in laws 85th. So, when my husband asked if I could make a cake 4 days before the dinner I got right on thinking about it. I decided because he was born and raised in Northern Italy and to this day, still bottles his own wine, I'd have to do the wine crate cake. I love fondant and the fact that you can make it look like wood, glass.. anything!

Yes, it can look like wood, as I demonstrate in this photo.. this is the cake base. I almost hated to put the cake on it.. it started as a two toned flat sheet of fondant that I drew the lines into and then painted with a darker brown, letting it settle in the grooves. Sort of like antiquing when your faux painting.

Next, the actual cake is made from three loaf pans cut and stacked to get the shape I wanted. Surrounded by more wood fondant and topped with white buttercream, I now have a crate.

This bottle was made with rice treat I cut in circles and stacked, adding a neck. I used silver pearl dust for the neck foil.

I cut the back of the bottle on an angle and inserted a wooden skewer from the top to keep the neck from drooping. The bottle is covered in black fondant, and then painted with a mix of white corn syrup and vodka tinted green.. the green shine catches the light and looks like real glass.. Crazy!

I made the label using an edible marker on white fondant.
The top is covered in white chocolate shavings to mimic packing.

Fondant grapes get a shine from syrup and vodka as well.. the wood base is only brushed with vodka and still shines like it's been polished.

I used a round piping tip to add faux nails in two different sizes.. the base nail is smaller than the crates.
The curly vines are fondant "snakes" wrapped around a dowel and allowed to dry for an hour.

Easy Peasy.


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  1. Hi stopping by from Flying Unicorn's Bloggers Unite group. Please stop by my blog for some Puddin N Pie...

  2. Oh my gosh, this is a cake?! What a FABULOUS job you did, Patricia! Wow...just wow! I totally thought the wine bottle was real! This is a work of art - a masterpiece! I would have hated for anyone to eat it!! :D


  3. Yes, that bottle is totally edible. :)

    I know it seems a shame to cut into them.. but they are cake! You have to eat it. I had one cake go to a party and they wouldn't cut it a the party and they were stuck with cake for 40 people... for their family of 4.


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